Salomé is sorry for the delay of our Creation issue - particularly to those of you who have submitted. We are currently working our way through your beautiful submissions and will be in touch with feedback as soon as we can.

We've not forgotten that there's feedback due for the Strength issue, and apologise for the wait. Feedback is massively important to us, so everyone will receive it for their submitted work. Those affected, we thank you so much for your continued patience!

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Incredible writing from emerging female talent can be read in previous issues of Salomé. 

"Salomé was born, like all good things, by a group of pissed off women"

Salomé is the literary magazine for emerging female writers.

Salomé, daughter of a King, was regarded as powerful - a seductress and a predator. 

At Salomé, it is our words and the strength of the all-female collective that gives us our power. 

The Strength Issue is here - 12 emerging female writers, 12 unique perspectives on Strength

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Salomé is back for its third ever issue. Discover 12 incredible emerging female writers within its beautiful, illustrated pages. 

No one backs new female literary talent quite like Salomé does. 

You're not just buying a magazine; you're joining a movement. 

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Salomé women aren't shy...

If you are a self-identifying woman, we would love to publish your work.

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Salomé launched in February 2017 and we're busy building the community. If you want to know when we'll be receiving submissions and to stay up to date with news, send us your email address.