Hi Salomites,

You are Salomites because, in reading this magazine, you’re now part of a collective. The Salomé collective. Why?

Women are so very powerful, but when it comes to the world of literature, we have that power thwarted by an industry that is dominated by men publishing men’s work. We love men’s work, but make a little room for us eh, guys - my bum’s not that small.

There is power in numbers. There is power in a supportive community. There is power in women’s voices, alone and united. As the Salomé collective, we are more than the sum of our parts - we are a collective of women that seek and create change.

Excuse me, move out of the way, because we’re making room at this inn.

Salomé is your home. Whether you read, write, think about writing or even think about reading. Whether your heroine is Elizabeth Bennett or Anastasia Steele (really?!). Salomé welcomes you with open arms for no other reason than that you are a woman and you want to read and write (If you’re a man reading this, come over here and give us a big bear hug too).

Salomé was dreamed up on a long Cambodian bus ride in February 2017, just after I’d lost my business. I was feeling despondent and frustrated that I didn’t have confidence - in my writing, which I considered good but not great, or in the fact that I could get any of my work published.

No more doing nothing, I thought. I’ll do it myself. Two weeks later and Salomé had received a submission. And then another. And then so many more.

We want this. We need this. I know we do because you write to me and tweet me to tell me all the time. When our writers receive their feedback (all sixty of them), they thank me - for investing in them and female writers. It’s just not done anywhere else in the way that Salomé does.

So please, read, read again, read aloud, read to your partners, your friends and your families. But let this be known and remembered; by reading Salomé, by buying a copy and by spreading the word, you aren’t just indulging in an exceptionally pleasurable experience (believe me, just turn the page to see), but you are helping every single woman who has ever wanted to get her work published.

And that is a thing of beauty.

I can’t believe the way that this little idea of mine has taken off. Thank you to our writers - every one of you that submitted. Lastly, I couldn’t have done this without the unerring support of the twelve wonderful women who make up my steering committee - you, to me, are everything.

Happy reading and remember, Salomé Loves You.

My very best wishes,



Founder, Salomé