A Letter from our Founder


Dear Salomites,

We couldn’t wait for the Strength issue.

When this magazine was dreamed into being earlier this year, it was at a time when I, personally, needed to find a lot of  inner strength. Thankfully, around that time, I was just starting to feel the beginnings of a shift too. Perhaps you know the kind I’m talking about? The type that’s almost imperceptible at first. Where tiny vibrations of self-assurance and resilience can just about be felt returning, dancing at your fingertips, asking to be grabbed on to.

Starting Salomé was my way of clinging onto those very beginnings of  inner strength - to create something empowering, for myself and my fellow emerging female writers.

Salomé has proven herself to be a warrior ever since. No more so than in this issue, which takes us through all the complicated ups and downs, twists and turns, that come wrapped up in a woman’s take on “strength”. What it is, where it can be found, sometimes where it’s nowhere to be found, and even how to find it in the most unlikely of places.

For many of us, the world feels like a place that could use a lot of strength right now. But we know that in so many pockets of the globe and across so many communities, personal acts of strength, courage and down-right stubborn defiance are taking place every day.

This issue is our celebration of all those people that are living their own versions of strength and the incredible emerging female writers that are writing about it. Because, as we all know, few things are stronger than words.

Jacquelyn Guderley