by Agata Weronika


My name is Veronica. Like every daughter, I was diligently instructed to smile, to maintain a demure and meek disposition at all times. To wipe my man's face and serve to comfort him. To never lift my head or ask questions. You said that women are not meant to take up space, much less step outside the path mapped out for them. 

Well, that's not good enough for me. That's not what my heart desires. What you failed to realize is that I happen to be created of pure audacity. Forget kindness; the hour of fury has come. 

My name means "She who brings victory", and once I put on my armour and wield my sword leading my sisters, you will hear us roar. You will have no choice but to bend your knee.

 The King is no longer safe on his throne. Bring on the torches – you can't burn us all.