(in order of appearance)


Natasha Suri

‘Bartering with Mermaids’

Natasha Suri is a librarian and has a cat to prove it. She moonlights as a writer, and lives in London.



Eva Ferry


Originally from Galicia in Northwest Spain, Eva Ferry is a lecturer at the University of Glasgow and is currently writing her first English-language novel. Her short story 'The War on Girls' was afinalist at the Weegie Shorts Writing Competition.



Joely Dutton


Joely Dutton is a short story writer and novelist-in-training.  She works with Spark young writers for the marvellous Writing West Midlands.  Her brain is occupied by story ideas which are often quite dark, and by kids TV tunes due to the tiny people she lives with. It’s an incongruous pairing.



Eniola Anuoluwapo Soyemi

‘Lost Girl’

Eniola Anuoluwapo Soyemi is completing her Ph.D. in Political Philosophy at Boston University. She is the Editor of politics blog, Political Matter. Her poems have previously been published on Brittle Paper, and Saraba Magazine



Giselle Whiteaker

‘The Things That Define Us’

Giselle Whiteaker left Tasmania, Australia after graduating and her feet have barely touched the ground since. She has lived in Japan, Korea, the UAE and Vietnam and is now based in London. She works as an editor, journalist and copywriter, and is completing her first full-length book, The Greyhound Chronicles.



Stefanie Elrick

‘Our Lady’s Prayer’

Stefanie Elrick is an artist, dancer and writer from Manchester, UK. As a performance artist she's blood-lined love poetry onto her body during ‘Written in Skin’ and been strapped to a 12ft spinning wheel for ‘KAIROS’. In 2015 she returned to her first love, fantasy horror, and made her debut in Martian Migraine’s Press Cthulhusattva: Tales of the Black Gnosis.






Hannah Murden

‘A Quite Chaos’

Hannah is an English Literature with Creative Writing graduate currently living in Barcelona. She runs a blog about her life in abroad and her writing. Currently, she is working on her first novel and training for a half-marathon in autumn.



Hannah-Fleur Fitz-Rankin


Hannah grew up in London and now lives in Kent. She’s been writing since she was tiny; her first stories were about woodland creatures. Nowadays it’s literary fiction! She’s won or been shortlisted for competitions by Bridport, Fish, Asham, Multi-Story, Word Hut and Emerald Street. Her favourite contemporary writer is Justin Cartwright.


Alice Graves

‘Rapunzel and the Moths’

Alice Graves is a painter and poet, with an MA in Poetry from the University of Durham. She currently works in academic publishing in Oxford, and paints and writes in her garden shed amongst the tomato plants.



Tamara Von Werthern

‘The Body’

Tamara von Werthern is a playwright and poet based in London. Her work has been performed at The Royal Court Theatre, the Arcola Theatre and other Fringe venues across the UK. Her play The White Bike is in currently in development supported by Arts Council England. Her poetry is published with Under The Fable. She is Artistic Director of Fizzy Sherbet (exciting writing by women) at Hackney Attic

@fizzysherbetfun @tamarawerthern


B. Graham

‘Busted Buttons’

Bre is  a writer and editor and her poetry has been published by New River Press. Originally from Sydney, Australia via Singapore, she came to England to study literature and write. She lives alone in London with her cat Jones and lots of books.



Elizabeth Lovatt

‘She Takes Her Tea Black’

Elizabeth Lovatt is a proud graduate of the Write Like a Grrrl programme run by For Book's Sake. Her flash fiction and short stories have featured in Popshot Magazine, Halo Literary Magazine and Severine Literary Journal. Elizabeth lives in London and works for Tate.



Agata Weronika


Agata is a hippie at heart, happy to live out of her suitcase as long as she has her ukulele and a good book on hand. Born in Poland, she found a new home in Estonia. She is a book blogger over at aquedita.eu.





Dibarah Mahboob, Bangladesh

Dibarah Mahboob is a self-taught painter, humanitarian worker and travel addict. Writing and reading literature and philosophy are her first love, while art and photography became the outlet for the forms and abstractions that she felt unable to express through words. She is originally from Bangladesh, where issues around women's rights, post-colonial social conditioning and a declining cultural appreciation for the arts inspires her to further pursuits in painting, writing and activism to encourage the girls there to do "whatever the hell you want in life". Currently she is based in Amman, Jordan.

Tw: @dibarah Insta: @dibarah_deeory


Ellen Jewell, UK

Ellen Jewell has worked as an Artist, Illustrator and Craft Person since 2000. Her work has been exhibited widly in the Uk and London. Ellen works as a Community Artist as well as making work independently.

Tw: @ellenjewell4




Grace Robson, UK

Grace Robson is a London-based artist with a day job in media/travel. As she loves experimenting with different techniques, she has a diverse portfolio of work. Having lived and studied in Paris for three years, she's spent many hours strolling through Montmartre for inspiration.

Tw: @grace_robson Insta: @grace1robson


Rowan Willigan, USA

Rowan Willigan is an artist, choreographer, dancer and photographer living in the Hudson Valley of New York. Rowan is a graduate of Bard College with a degree in Studio Art, and is the Artistic Director of The D’Amby Project, an Irish and contemporary dance company founded in 2012, located in Red Hook, NY. Rowan’s studio practice is heavily influenced by her many years of experience as a dancer and choreographer.


Julia Vanderbyl, Australia

Julia is an emerging artist from Byron Bay, Australia. Her work focuses on themes of humanity and a duality of emotion that she witnesses within so many modern people. Through classical portraiture she aims to eternalise individuals in a rawness that would never usually be exposed. These works are a part of her latest series, “Self Portraits of Strangers” where colour is used to capture what is usually hidden, and shadows define for us the sheltered and the exposed.

Insta: @juliavanderbyl