Salomé Issue 3: October


Cover art by  Greta Kotz

Cover art by Greta Kotz

The Strength Issue is here! To whet your appetite, it's our pleasure to share a couple of pieces from this brand new issue.

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A Letter From our Founder / Our Writers & Artists

bell hooks  by bymyglasseyeillustrations

bell hooks by bymyglasseyeillustrations

Crown of Flowers  by Amy Carter

Crown of Flowers by Amy Carter

'Screen Test' by Christina Dalcher

San Francisco. Fisherman’s Wharf. Docks. Closer angle to a wooden shack, tired brown and weathered gray, tilted. The characters are Lila and Bonnie, sisters, orphans. A voiceover tells us this is three months after the earthquake... Read more >>

Nerve/20*  by Hannah Steinbauer

Nerve/20* by Hannah Steinbauer

'Lady' by Kirsty Cowan

Afterwards, while Richard bathed I walked about touching my fingers over her things. Richard's wife was a Lady. I touched her silver-backed hairbrush, her jars of lotions, her perfumes. There was a picture of her on the bedroom wall and I wished Richard would take it down... Read more >>

Overcast  by Charlotte Edey

Overcast by Charlotte Edey

'The Spinning Wheel' by Isabella Bengochea

My kind has had a hard time of late. For people like us, sympathy has run dry. We of the traditional cast, dully perfect girls pressed between the grimy pages of centuries. With hair of spun gold, death-pale skin and eyes so blue you would think them wrung from the summer sky...  Read more >>

Simone  by bymyglasseyeillustrations

Simone by bymyglasseyeillustrations

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