Our Lady's Prayer

by Stefanie Elrick


Our Mother, who is in each of us,

Through chapped lips your name is muttered.

In a blizzard of our ignorance,

Where self-denial and assurance is nurtured,

Rock us slowly gently backwards until we’ve dreamed this life away.

When given the conscience to question,

Did you realise how far we could stray?

Cocooned, warm womb of your devising,

This numbed lullaby defuses us all.

A sweet sobbing whispered melody,

With the power to dispel and enthral.

Give us grace to find perfection if in simplicity it lies,

Divinity hides within us,

In our thoughts, our flesh, our eyes.

So here, the nature of creation, therefore found within,

The symmetry and brutality of it, her love,