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Submissions for our October issue are open! 

**UPDATE: Poetry submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted. We're still open for fiction, non-fiction and flash fiction, so keep them coming.** 

  • Submissions will close on 9th September or when we reach 250 submissions

  • Please use the form at the bottom of this page for all submissions 

  • Our issues are themed so check out our theme below for your creative inspiration

  • Submissions received before we call for submissions unfortunately can't be considered. Salomé doesn't love rules but we need one or two!

  • Writers that submit a piece we select for publication in Salomé will receive £50 - yes, we pay, hurrah!


Please note: we have recently updated our Submission Guide and can only accept one piece of writing per writer to ensure that, of the 250 submissions we accept, 250 different writers get an opportunity to submit. This rule isn't category specific i.e. if you submit one piece in any category (fiction, non-fiction, flash fiction & poetry) then that will count as your one valid submission. If a writer submits more than one piece, we will accept the piece that is submitted first. 


Artists: We accept submissions for art all day every day...

Send us an email, any time you like, with some examples of your work for us to feature. Art for each issue follows that issue's theme so do check out our themes below.

We Love a Theme

October Issue's Theme

Upcoming Issues & Themes

Issue Theme Submissions Open
October 2017 Strength 30th July
January 2018 Creation 30th October
April 2018 Time 30th January

Time to Submit

When submitting, please check our submission guide >> for word lengths and more

Any questions please get in touch via the online contact form and we'll get back to you super speedy - because we're nice like that. 

Please include: a short bio (approx. 50 words) and your twitter handle in the form below & upload should be a Word document.