Thank You


There are so many people, without whom Salomé simply wouldn’t exist.

Thank you to my wonderful steering committee: Alice Graves, Cherry Casey, Flo Robson, Emma Crouch,, Imogen Ashfield, Jen Fallover, Jess Glaisher, Laura Adams, Louise O’Connor, Renginee Pillay, Sam Blaney, Shreya Ukil.

Thank you to the reading panel for this issue: Alice Graves, Yovanka Paquete Perdigao, Sam Blaney, Flo Robson, Steph Davies, Cherry Casey and Laura Adam.

Thank you to our wonderful branding expert who made our beautiful logos: Lubna Ibrahim.

Thank you to Jess Glaisher, who sent more design revisions than you can know before we arrived at the final magazine.

Thank you to Xavier, friend to the magazine, who donated generously to help us pay our writers in future.

And a huge Write Like A Grrrl thank you to Kerry Ryan. I joined my first Write Like A Grrrl course in November 2015 because I wanted to try writing fiction. Little did I know it would change my life, as WLAG has for so many women.


Without writing a love letter. You inspire, you give confidence and you put the fire in our bellies.

Without you, so many women wouldn’t believe in their writing skills or attempt to write a book or get published. And that would be a travesty.

Thank you for being the fierce Scottish woman warrior you are. And making us fierce writing warriors too.

Team Salomé